Write and Build hello program

          This is a step by step page which teaches how to compile a hello program using Turbo C++ . If you dodn't know how to write a program at Turbo C++,this page will teacher you fast to code a simple program.Before virw this page ,please install Turbo C++ .You can g o to the Borland web site to download free Turbo C++ compiler  

Step 1: Open the MS-DOS command prompt window

NOTE: You must close the original MS-DOS command prompt window first.

Step 2: Type tc and Press <ENTER> in any location to run the TC++ 1.01 Integrated Environment. This command can be executed from any location.


Step 3: Create a source file (*.c).

Step 3.1: Select New from the File menu.


Step 3.2: Type in following code. Note that the code is case-sensitive..


Step 3.3: Save the file by selecting Save from the File menu, and then enter the file name Hello.C.



Note: If you have a text editor you are familiar with, you may use it to type in the above code. It should be noted that you cannot use a word processor application for this, as you must use an application that saves in plain text, such as notepad or edit. C language program files should always be given a name ending in “.C”.


Step 4: Create a new project file (*.prj).


Step 4.1: Type the name of the project file and then click the OK button.



Step 5: Add all necessary files to the project.


Step 5.1: Select the source file and then click the Add button.


Step 5.2: Select the function library and then click the Add button.



Step 6: Click on “Options” and select full menus.



Step 7: Click on “Options” and select the compile menu item, then set the Code generation options.


Step 7.1: Change the Memory model.


Step 7.2: Click on “More…”, then set the Floating Point to Emulation and the Instruction Set to 80186.



Step 8: Click on “Compile” and select “Build all” to make the project.



For instructions related to the downloading and execution of programs,

Note:refer to Load your program (exe file and autoexec.bat) to controller to get how to execute .exe file on   8000 controller



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