Load a program to controller

            MiniOS7 Utility is a tool for configuring, uploading files to all products embedded with ICPDAS MiniOS7.We can use MiniOS Utility to connect PC with 8000 serial controller(embedded with MiniOS7) and load programs to controller. Before using MiniOS Utility,please confirm to connect PC's COM port with controller's COM port 1. If don't know how to wire hardware,please refer to user manual or 8000 Manual .Under this page,only introduce part of MiniOS7 Utility. Reading online help can get more information about MiniOS7 Utility

Connect PC to 8000 serial controller

After open MiniOs Utility,choose MenuBar > Connection, and then click new connection.



The Connection Tab provides a quick way to open connection through serial port or TCP/UDP.


To connect though serial port


1. Select a device (A) whose name of prefix is COM##, and ## is port number.

2. Select baud rate (B).

3. Select Data bit (C)

4. Select Parity (E)

5. Select Stop Bit (F)

6. Finally click OK button to open a new connection or cancel to close dialog.



note: If can't connect to MiniOS7,please check COM port to set free or set 8000 to stop working(wire INIT* short INIT*COM then reboot on 8000 )


Load file to conrtoller

Does one of following to perform upload file(s).

  • Click Upload Button in the ToolBar.
  • Choose MenuBar > Command, and then click Upload item.
  • Hotkey: F5
  • Click right mouse button within Local Pane and select upload command from the pop menu.


Step by Step

1. Select file from Local Pane

2. Click Upload Button in the ToolBar

3. Loading progress appear on window

4. File upload completed.



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