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The DS-700/PDS-700 firmware and autoexec.bat files are compressed in zip format.
You can decompress the zip file by TUGZip, WinZip, WinRAR... utilities.
Please decompress the zip file, and then place these unziped files to a temp folder, for example PDS700fw.

Connect the PDS-700 with PC before update firmware
1. Power off the PDS-700.
2. Connect the DB-9 connector of CA-0910 down cable to your PC.
3. Wire the CA-0910 to the PDS-700.
CA-0910.TX ==> PDS-700.TXD1
CA-0910.RX ==> PDS-700.RXD1
CA-0910.GND ==> PDS-700.GND
5. Short the Init* and GND pins of PDS-700.
6. Power on the PDS-700.

1. Double click the PDS-7xx.bat for starting update.
The PDS-7xx.bat file is depending on model name of  your DS-700/PDS-700.
                     Wrong ".bat" file may cause your DS-700/PDS-700 does not work correctly,
                     and you need to update it with a correct firmware again.

2. The bat file will open a DOS box and run the 7188XW.exe utility program.
    (Make sure the 7188XW.exe program file is existing on the same folder.)

3. The 7188XW.exe will then upload the firmware and autoexec.bat files into DS-700/PDS-700 automatically.

4. Open the Init* and GND pins of PDS-700.

5. Restart your DS-700/PDS-700.

Manual Update
Use "del" and "load" command on 7188xw.exe to load file into PDS,
for more information please refer to DownloadUpdate_v2.pdf  file on the following folder.


7188XW Utility (Win32 Console Program)

7188XW utility is a Win32 console program used to update OS image and firmware.


TUGZip -- Free Archiving (Compress and Decompress) Utility

TUGZip is a free archiving utility, you can get it from the following web: