PDS-700 Programming Guide


The PDS-700 series is the enhanced version of I-7188EN/7188EX series, and have the same system design of μPAC-7186EX series. Thus, most of the documents can be shared and used for I-7188EN, I-7188EX, μPAC-7186EX and PDS-700.

Note: DS-700 series is non-programmable Device Server while the PDS-700 series is Programmable Device Server. ICP DAS does not provide technical support and technical information on firmware programming issues for these non-programmable DS-700 series products.

Comparison Table
I-7188EX I-7188EN μPAC-7186EX DS-700 PDS-700
CPU 80186-40 MHz 80186-40 MHz 80186-80 MHz 80186-80 MHz 80186-80 MHz
Ethernet 10 Mbps 10 Mbps 10/100 Mbps 10/100 Mbps 10/100 Mbps
(Real Time Clock)
Yes - Yes - -
Expension Bus Yes, for optional XBoard. Used for built-in serial ports. Yes, for optional XBoard. - Used for built-in serial ports or DI/DO.
Programmable Yes Yes Yes - Yes

DS-700/PDS-700 Client Side Sample Programs
(for PC, Windows)

ICP DAS provides VB5, BCB3 and Delphi3 sample programs for remote accessing I-7188EN, μPAC-7186EX, DS-700 and PDS-700 series module. These sample programs use TCP/IP (WinSock) to communicate with modules directly without virtual COM ports.


PDS-700 Server Side Sample Programs

The PDS-700 series has the same system design with the μPAC-7186EX series, and using the same header files, libraries and demo programs from the μPAC-7186EX. The firmwares written for PDS-700 can also be used in μPAC-7186EX.

Please refer to Ch3 and Ch4 of 7186EX_user_manual_v1.1.pdf to write your first program for PDS-700 and 
Library files and Sample programs


Related Documents

Subject File and Description

Software Manual

(See Ch3, Ch4)

1. Introduction
2. Quick Start
2.1 Hardware Installation
2.2 Software Installation
2.3 MiniOS7 Utility for downloading programs
2.4 MiniOS7 Utility for updating OS image

3.    Your First Program on µPAC-7186EX
3.1 Setting up the compiler
3.2 API for µPAC-7186EX
3.3 Build and run your first program

4.    API and Demo Program Reference

Networking Library
User’S Manual


1.  Introduction

1.1  Package List & Release Notes
1.2  Why! Ethernet Solutions
1.3  The 7188ex, 7188ea & 7188en Series
1.4  Tcp/Ip 4-Layer Model
1.5  Internet Address
1.6  Connection-Oriented Protocol
1.7  Connectionless Protocol
2.  Software Installation
3.  Compiling & Linking
3.1  Using Tc++
3.2  Using Bc ++ 3.1
4.  BSD Socket Interface
 Accept,  Bind, Closesocket, Connect, Fcntlsocket, Gethostbyname
 Gethostbyname_R, Getpeername, Getsockname, 
 Getsockopt, Setsockopt, Ioctlsocket, Listen, Readsocket,
 Recv, Recvfrom, Recvmsg, Selectsocket, 
 Send, Sendmsg, Sendto, Shutdown, Socket, Writesocket
5.  Dynamic Protocol Interface
5.1  Overview
5.2  Blocking Versus Non-Blocking Operation
5.3  Initialization And Termination
  Ninit, Nterm, Portinit, Portterm
5.4  Connections
5.5  Open, Close, Read, And Write
  Nopen, Nclose, Nread, Nwrite
5.6  Dynamic Protocol Interface Macros
  Socket_Noblock, Socket_Block, Socket_Isopen, Socket_Hasdata,
  Socket_Cansend, Socket_Testfin, Socket_Maxdat, Socket_Rxtout,
  Socket_Ipaddr, Socket_Ownipaddr, Socket_Push, Socket_Fin
Broadcasting Example
Non-Blocking Operations Example

I/O Expansion Bus User’s Manual

(See Ch12. X5xx series)


1. Introduction

2. Reference Guide
3. Wire Connection
   3.1 Digital Input Wire Connection
   3.2 Digital Output Wire Connection
4. Mounting Of I/O Expansion Bus
5. I/O Expansion Bus
6. Selection Guide
7. X0xx I/O Expansion Boards
8. X1xx I/O Expansion Boards
9. X2xx I/O Expansion Boards
10. X3xx I/O Expansion Boards
11. X4xx I/O Expansion Boards
12. X5xx I/O Expansion Boards
13. X6xx I/O Expansion Boards

The related documents can be obtained from the following locations:
Companion CD:
ICPDAS website:

MiniOS7 Programming document


Subject  File and Description
Using Compilers Compiler.pdf
How to compile with compiler tool.
(MSC/MSVC/BC++/Turbo C/TC++)
Quick Start for Developing a  Program QuickStart_Develop_Program.pdf
Wire Connection/Compiler/Download/Init* pin
Download Files into Controller and Update the MiniOS7 OS Image DownloadUpdate_v2.pdf
(1) How to download file
(2) How to update MiniOS7 image file
(3) Where are MiniOS7 Utility and 7188xw locations?
MiniOS7 API Functions MiniOS7_API_Functions_ver1.0.pdf
(1) Introduce library functions like Is7188() or IsCom().
(2) Library location
MiniOS7 Cmmands MiniOS7_Commands.pdf

Introduce MiniOS7 commands