Using 7188xw.EXE
  • 7188xw.exe is the PC side utility for modules using MiniOS7.
  • 7188xw.exe is the Win32 version of 7188x.exe. For 7188x.exe just can use the standard COM PORT(RS-232) of PC, But on Win32 systems(WIN95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP) also have RS-232 port use PCMCIA or USB interface, 7188x.exe can not use these devices, so need the program 7188xw.exe.
  • Using RS-232 ports of PC link to the modules using MiniOS7.
  • 7188xw.exe in basically is a terminal program. It send out the data that user key-in to COM port, and show the data received from COM port on the screen of PC.
  • The main function for 7188xw.exe is to DOWNLAOD files to the system using MiniOS7.
    User can also use MiniOS7 utility to download files to the modules using MiniOS7.
  • User can download the newest version 7188xw.exe from the ftp server:
  • Ver. 1.25[2004/03/30]:
    Add log data function.
  • Ver. 1.26[2004/08/16]:
    1. Add some commands for command mode.
    2. Support read command file from disk.
Command line
/c# : Set to use COM#.
/b# : Set use baud rate #. (Default baud rate is 115200 )
/s# : Set the screen display rows. ( default is 25, max is 50.)
F1Show the help message of 7188XW.exe.
ALT_F1Show the Chinese(Big5) help message of 7188XW.exe.
CTRL_F1Show the Chinese(GB2312) help message of 7188XW.exe.
ALT_1Select use COM1 if it can be used.
ALT_2Select use COM2 if it can be used.
ALT_3Select use COM3 if it can be used.
ALT_4Select use COM4 if it can be used.
ALT_5Select use COM5 if it can be used.
ALT_6Select use COM6 if it can be used.
ALT_7Select use COM7 if it can be used.
ALT_8Select use COM8 if it can be used.
ALT_9Select use COM9 if it can be used.
ALT_AToggle between normal mode and ANSI Escape code support mode
ALT_CGo into COMMAND MODE, can use following commands.
  • b# : set new baudrate.
  • c# : set new comport.#=1 to 256.
  • n/e/o : set to None/Even/Odd Parity.
  • 8/7/6/5: set to 8/7/6/5 data bits.
  • 1/2: set to 1/2 stop bits.
  • p#: set new work directory.
  • L0: (ver. 1.25 add)
    Turn off log mode.
  • L1 [log_file]:(ver. 1.25 add)
    Turn on log mode, data come from COM port will be save to the log_file.
  • q: quit command mode.(Current version will quit COMMAND MODE after user key in ONE command.)
  • /load filename:(ver. 1.26 add)
    For download file to Flash Memory.
  • /loadr filename:(ver. 1.26 add)
    For download file to SRAM.
  • /upload filename:(ver. 1.26 add)
    The step 1 for update OS. filename is the file name of the OS image file.
  • /cls:(ver. 1.26 add)
    Clear Screen.(The same function as Hot Key "CTRL_F6")
  • /senddata data_string:(ver. 1.26 add)
    Send out the data string to the COM port.
  • /sendcmd data_string:(ver. 1.26 add)
    The same function as "/senddata", but after send the data string also send out CR(0x0D).Used for MiniOS7 commands.
  • /pause time_ms:(ver. 1.26 add)
    Pause a period. time unit is ms.
    "/pause 0" will wait user press any key to continue.
  • /run [cmd_file]:(ver. 1.26 add)
    Run the command in the cmd file.
    By default 7188xw.exe will use the command file "7188xw.F4".
    Press Hot_Key F4 will run the command "/run", that is run the commands in the file "7188xw.F4".
    Command file is a text file contain the commands, the line start with "//" will be ignore.
  • /quit:(ver. 1.26 add)
    Quit 7188XW.exe
ALT_DSend out "DATE "+ system date read from PC+ CR. (That is set the date of PC to 7188X/I-8000 series.)
ALT_TSend out "TIME "+ system time read from PC+ CR. (That is set the date of PC to 7188X/I-8000 series.)
ALT_EFor download files to MiniOS7 system. (only after the message "Press ALT_E to download file!" is show on screen, then user can press ALT_E.)
ALT_GFor Get file from the module.(not support by MiniOS7, but support by the demo program).
ALT_HToggle between Hex/ASCII display mode.
ALT_ISend out Xon(0x11)(for test).
ALT_LSwitch to LINE mode. In LINE mode, wait user key-in one line message, then send it out. The major function for LINE mode is to test I-7000 modules. Press ALT_L again back to normal mode.
ALT_OSend out Xoff(0x13)(for test).
ALT_XExit 7188XW.EXE.
F2Set the filename for auto downlaod process.
F3Send out the command "run"+CR.
F4Run the command file "7188xw.F4".
ALT_F2Set the filenames for multi files downlaod process.
F5Auto send out the filename(setting by function F2) +[parameter set by function F6] +CR.
ALT_F5Auto send out the "runr "+[parameter set by function F6] +CR.(run the program saved in sram.)
F6Set the parameters for auto run. Maximum can set 10 parameters.(If less then 10 items, please use '*' or CR to end.)
CTRL_F6Clear screen.
F7Toggle the RTS output.
ALT_F7Set 7188xw.exe in echo mode,Press ESC to quit echo mode.
F8Auto download and run.(=F9 + F5)
F9Auto download file.(=command "LOAD"+CR, then press ALT_E, then key-in the filename.)
ALT_F9Auto download multi files set by ALT_F2 function.
F10Auto download and run file. The same function as F8, but save file in SRAM.(use commands "LOADR" and "RUNR")
ALT_F10Auto download file to SRAM. The same function as F9, but save file in SRAM.(use commands "LOADR")

[Using 7188xw.EXE] Ver.1.4.0
Final update date:[2004/10/19], By: Tim Tsai.
Any question please E-Mail to:ICPDAS_SERVICE