Using 7188EU.EXE

[Command line parameters]

[7188eu.exe Hot-key]

[Operation of MiniOS7 in UDP]

7188EU.exe is a PC side utility which provides essential commands for, and the ability to download programs to,

the ICPDAS products. (i7188E series only).

Note: The user must first change  the MiniOS7 image file to 'euyymmdd.img'. Please refer to 8000CD\Napdos\7188e\MiniOS7\doc\eng\minios7\update.htm for information on how to update the MiniOS7 image file.

The latest version is eu020820.img, and can be downloaded  from 8000CD\Napdos\MiniOS7\7188e_udp.

7188EU.exe is the Win32 console version and is basically a terminal program used to send data that users key into the Ethernet and displays the data received from the Ethernet on the PC screen.

Command line parameters    For example 7188e.exe /tcnnn
 / s: IP Default IP is] used for testing.
 / p: The default port is 23, Don't need this parameter.
7188eu.exe Hot-key
Sets multiple filenames auto download. (10 files maximum. If less than 10 files, please use '*' to end.) 
Pressing ALT- F9 will automatically download these file.
ALT_F5 Runr+ the initial value of F6.
ALT_F9 Automatic download file set up by ALT_F2. {Automatically download file set up by ALT_F2.}
ALT_F10 Download the program into the inside of sram.( similar ram- disk, but can only save a file)
ALT_T Set up system time.
ALT_D Set up the date of system.
ALT_L Switch to LINE MODE.
ALT_X Exit 7188E.EXE.
F2 Set the filename for auto downlaod process.
F3 Run the program of the last download
F5 Auto send out the filename(setting by function F2) +[parameter set by function F6] +CR.
F6 Set the parameters for auto run. Maximum can set 4 parameters.(If less then 4 item, please use '*' to end.)
CTRL_F6 Clear screen.
F8 Auto download and run.(=F9 + F5)
F9 Auto download file.(=command "LOAD"+CR, then press ALT_E, then key-in the filename.)
F10 Auto download and run file. The same function as F8, but save file in SRAM.(use commands "LOADR" and "RUNR")
Use the F2/ALT_F2 to set the filename that will save in the 7188E.ini.
Next time run the 7188e.exe in this folder.It will autoload the filename from 7188e.ini,and you don't need to set them again.  


Operation of MiniOS7 in UDP
Ping IP / the number of times of c/ p time/ time/ s of tTimeout of the partition seals to wrap the length of the data  
Arp IP Check the mac of the IP.  
Table mac <-> IP the table  
use flash   [90/11/21][OK]
use eeprom   [90/11/21][OK]
load   [90/11/21][OK]
use com2   [90/11/15]OK
 type   [90/11/15]OK
DIR   [90/11/15]OK
Run The program can carry out, meeting after ending reset [90/11/21][OK]
VER   [90/11/15]OK
MCB   [90/11/15]OK
TYPE   [90/11/16]OK
upload   [90/11/22]OK
use   [90/11/21]OK
bios1   [90/11/22]OK
load   [90/11/21]OK
loadr   [90/11/21]OK
led   90/11/15]OK
led5   90/11/15]OK
time   90/11/15]OK
delete   90/11/15]OK
del   90/11/15]OK
date   90/11/15]OK
reset   90/11/15]OK
delay   [90/11/16]OK
 /h/help   [90/11/16]OK
 run   [90/11/22]OK
 runr   [90/11/22]OK
 rep The last time of exportation will send to 232 that directions haven't solved.  
baud   [90/11/16]OK
@baud   [90/11/16]OK
WhoAmI   [90/11/15]OK
diag   [90/11/15]OK
RAM   [90/11/15]OK
EEPROM   [90/11/15]OK
NVRAM   [90/11/15]OK
LED   [90/11/15]OK
LED5   [90/11/15]OK
CLOCK Stop to do not come down at the present time.  
FLASH   [90/11/19]OK
rtc   [90/11/21]OK
com1   [90/11/21]OK
com2   [90/11/21]OK
wdt   [90/11/21]OK
all   [90/11/21]OK
init(*)   [90/11/21]OK
on   [90/11/21]OK
off   [90/11/21]OK
Iam7188   [90/11/15]OK
reserve   [90/11/15]OK
i/inp   [90/11/15]OK
iw/inpw   [90/11/15]OK
o/outp   [90/11/15]OK
ow/outpw   [90/11/15]OK
setdo   [90/11/15]OK
setpio   [90/11/15]OK
resetip   [90/11/15]OK
setip   [90/11/15]OK
getip   [90/11/15]OK
ip   [90/11/15]OK
setmask   [90/11/15]OK
getmask   [90/11/15]OK
mask   [90/11/15]OK
setgateway   [90/11/15]OK
getgateway   [90/11/15]OK
gateway   [90/11/15]OK
seteid   [90/11/15]OK
reseteid   [90/11/15]OK
geteid   [90/11/15]OK
setmac   [90/11/15]OK
resetmac   [90/11/15]OK
getmac   [90/11/15]OK
mac   [90/11/15]OK
setcom   [90/11/15]OK
In the 7188EU.exe.The connecting IP and the path of the file in PC will be shown at the title of the Windows: 

[ Other notice]
1.Some debug messages will send out from the COM1 ,not UDP port,but it didn't affect the program .
2.Support to change the UDP port (The default is 23,connect pin init* to pin GND).
3.Support two client using 7188eu.exe connect to i7188E.
4.Support to add password to some important commands.
5.Support to avoid the iillegal IP to connect.