Download Turbo C++ version 1.01

Free versions of the TC 2.01 and TC 1.01 compilers can be downloaded from the Borland website. The following instructions will help you to install the Turbo C++ version 1.01 compiler on a PC running a windows operating system.


Step 1: Go to the Borland web site (















Step 2: Click on the link for Antique Software: Turbo C++ version 1.01 to go to the download page.

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Step 3: Click on the link for Turbo C++ version 1.01, as shown below, to download the file. When requested, save the file to a safe location.


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 Install Turbo C++ version 1.01

Step 1: Go to where you downloaded the file, and double click on the self-extracting file ( in Windows to extract it. This will open a WinZip Self-Extractor window (you do NOT need WinZip installed on your machine). By default, this will extract the files to the C:\tctemp directory. You may designate a different location.

Step 2: Once the files have been extracted, exit WinZip Self-Extractor window.

Step 3: Open an MS-DOS command prompt window.

















Step 4: Change the directory to the c:\tctemp (or wherever you put the unzipped files folder), and execute the INSTALL.EXE file.












Step 5: The following instructions will guide you through the installation process.

















Step 5.1: Press <ENTER> to start the installation

Step 5.2: Select the drive where the unzipped file is located. The default is “A”, so you should enter “C”, then press <ENTER>.

Step 5.3: Press <ENTER> again. This will install the software from the directory \tctemp.

Step 5.4: Press <ENTER> again. This allows Turbo C to be installed on the Hard Drive.

Step 5.5: Use the Up/Down arrow keys (Press the up arrow once) to select Start Installation, and then press <ENTER> again.















Step 5.6: At this point, the Turbo C++ version 1.01 compiler is installed in C:\TC, which is where the tcc.exe executable is also located.

















Set the environment variables of the system

After installing, you must add C:\TC to your executable search path. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

Step 1: Right-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop. (Under Windows XP, the My Computer icon may be located in the start menu) and choose Properties from the context menu.

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Step 2: Click on the Advanced tab, and then click on the Environment Variables button.

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 About compiler settings,please refer to compiler.pdf
















Step 3: In System variables, choose the variable Path and then click on the Edit button.

Step 4: Add the target directory to the end of the Variable value using a semi-colon as a separator. For example ”C:\TC\BIN;C:\TC\INCLUDE;”.





















Step 5: Click the OK button, and then restart your computer in older for your changes to take effect.