Setup your compiler



A C Language compiler must be used to develop any applications. Valid compilers include:

BC++ 3.1~5.02

TC++ 1.01  (free download compiler)

TC 2.01


MSVC++ (prior to Version 1.52).


About compiler settings,please refer to compiler.pdf


ICP DAS suggests that BC 3.1 is used as the compiler as the libraries provided have been created using the BC 3.1 compiler. Special attention should be paid to the following items before using the compiles to develop custom applications:

lGenerate a standard DOS executable program.

lSet the CPU to 80188/80186

lSet the floating point to EMULATION if floating point computation is required. (Make sure not to choose 8087)

lCancel the Debug Information function as this helps to reduce program size. (MiniOS7 supports this feature.)